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Shipping Containers for Sales in Adelaide

A shipping container can be put to multiple uses. If you let us know your purpose, we can help you choose an ideal container matched to your budget.

Two Dogs Transport is one of the leading specialists for transporting shipping containers throughout Adelaide and its suburbs. We have been doing this for so long that we ended up recommending and selling shipping containers for various purposes.

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Buy Shipping Containers in Adelaide

Whether you need a shipping container to transport goods, machinery, etc. or to build a home or office out of it, let us show you around a myriad of options matched to your individual needs.

Buying a shipping container in Adelaide is pretty simple and straightforward with Two Dogs Transport. We sell both new and used containers at highly competitive prices. Also, if you want your shipping container delivered anywhere in Adelaide or its surrounding suburbs, we’ll get it to you safely, at a time that is convenient for you.

With shipping containers available in various sizes and profiles, we have something for everyone.

Why Choose Us to buy Shipping Containers

We provide shipping containers at competitive prices

On-time delivery on all orders, along with on-site set-up upon request

Each shipping container is quality tested before it leaves our facility

No hidden cost

Long-term warranty on your purchase. The duration of warranty may vary, depending on whether the container is new or refurbished.

If you want to buy a shipping container on a short-term basis, we’d be happy to buy back at a decent price or we can discuss a renting arrangement if that suits your requirements better.

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