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Shipping Container Homes in Adelaide, Australia

A shipping container home is the most affordable way to have a roof over your head. Apart from being affordable and easy to set up, it’s the fancy abode you ever dreamed of as a kid.

Dreams do come true and this one is just around the corner. All it takes is one phone call to Two Dog Transport.

We help individuals own affordable shipping container homes in Adelaide with a small investment. We have shipping containers available in various sizes to choose from, depending on what you want to make out of it – a playroom for kids, garage for yourself or a full-blown home with plumbing and electrical fittings done to your specifications.

Get in touch with us to discuss possible outcomes for your unique shipping container home ideas.
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Benefits of Container Homes

Shipping container homes are built to last. They can withstand harsh environmental elements and can live through stormy conditions.

As much as it is robust on the outside, a container home feels safe and cosy on the inside. You can also cut out windows and skylight to let fresh air and natural light in.

It’s a one-time investment that can be set up in your backyard and requires no council approvals – there are a few exceptions though. Feel free to enquire about that.

Why Choose Us for Container Homes in Australia

Two Dogs Transport provides shipping container homes at a highly competitive price and delivers at your doorstep. Our experts will also guide you on electrical and plumbing fittings so that you get everything you want in there, the way you want it.

We have the skills and experience to not only build personalised container homes but also make them functional with minimum overheads.
Call now to know how.

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